We are approaching the end of the year. Its been a year of learning here at Toota Auto Group. We started out with our sports cars for the summer and now have our mini trucks for the winter. We just received our latest shipment of mini trucks so we are going to give you the lineup. Our goal is to move all the trucks for the new year so don't wait. We deliver throughout the United States except for Alaska and Hawaii (sorry guys over there). Our lineup includes:

  • 1993 Honda Acty

  • 1996 Honda Acty

  • 1996 Honda Acty

  • 1996 Suzuki Carry

  • 1990 Subaru Sambar

  • 1995 Honda Acty

All vehicle have 4wd. Its NJ of course we have 4wd. The Suzuki has diff lock. If you don't see it on the website inquire through the website. We just built a new website so we are shifting our inventory over.

Happy Holidays. If you mention this blog, receive an $100 off the price of the mini truck. ( restrictions apply)