Hello hello hello,

We are back with another blog on our most recent updates with Toota Auto Group. The backstory behind this one is pretty unique. We bought a 1996 Suzuki Carry from Japan. We imported it as we do all our other vehicles. This vehicle just so happened to have some special issues attached:

Issue number one. It had to be cleaned at the port. Now when I say cleaned we aren't talking let's drive down the street and find a car wash. No No No, we are talking the vehicle had seeds in or around it that had to be removed at the port under Customs and Border Patrol supervision. That cost a lot of money. We took care of that issue.

Issue number two. The port lost our key to the vehicle. Not only was the vehicle tied up at the port for numerous days, when our driver finally went to pick it up, the key was missing. He had to have a forklift put it on the trailer for him. Then the steering column was locked. With a locked steering column and a missing key we managed to unload it off the trailer once he got it back to the dealership. The next part of the story is we had to take it to a locksmith and hope they could make a key. So now we are at the dealership with the Suzuki and a locked steering column that needs to be reloaded onto a different trailer. So we finally worked our magic and loaded the Suzuki onto the trailer and transported it to the lock smith. Now we hope and see if he could make a key.

Success!! We got a phone call and the locksmith had 2 of the key blanks required and made us a two keys. Thank you Atlantic Lock and Safe in Bradley Beach. They did a fantastic job and the keys worked flawless.

Its all part of business. You have some smooth days and you have some rough days. This was part of the rougher days that we had. A car dealership without a key to one of their cars is a problem. However its all how you handle it. Until our next update, take care and Happy Holidays!!

Toota Auto Group